Huake Engineering India Private Limited Introduction
Over 15 years of clean engineering and complete clean air solutions

Huake Group, founded in 2003, is specialised in the design, construction and maintenance of class 100-300,000 dust-free rooms. Purification equipment production, sales, GMP certification, purification air conditioning and industrial floor and other one-stop services purification engineering company;Professional services in electronics, microelectronics, optics, optical fibre and cable, precision machinery, precision instruments, bio-medicine, fine chemicals, food and beverage, aerospace and many other industries, providing them with professional planning and design, engineering construction, system debugging, parameter testing and other comprehensive services.

•  The HEPA/ULPA and cleanroom equipment like FFU are all manufactured in the cleanroom.
•  HUAKE Chinese Factory owns 2 production lines of Mini Pleat HEPA and another 1 for Separator type HEPA.
•  HUAKE Chinese Factory have an imported HEPA/ULPA filter pleating machine which can produce glass fiber filter and PTFE filter.
•  HUAKE Chinese Factory owns 3 sets of imported CNC bending machines and 1 sets of imported high speed CNC punch

•  Initiates the FFU performance test room and semi-anechoic room Gro & Fine filter test duct, meet EN779/ISO1689
•  An auto scanning machine for testing HEPA,according to EN-1822 100% of the HEPA filter are tested and leak free